Full House Theatre

A5 flyer for The Bravest Mouse

Mello Mallo

Logo for a small business that makes and sells handcrafted marshmallows

Library As Laboratory

Logo pitch for a new arts programme in Bedford.

eBook Cover

eBook cover for Bedfordshire based author.

Book Cover

Book cover design for a collection of short stories and poems.

Sowing the Seeds

Logo & leaflet for a workshop organised by the Partnerships Office at the University of Bedfordshire.

Luton Culture

A canvas bag to promote Luton Culture

Poetry Book

Cover design for a collection of poems by Richard Zola.

Bridges Newsletter

Newsletter redesign for CETL at the University of Bedfordshire.

Sociologists Outside Academia

Branding for a group of sociologists with no institutional affiliations.

Glittering Poppies on Teapots!

A celebration of the everyday object.


A logo for an organic and eco-friendly shop.

MA Art & Design project

Nature and it's place in the urban environment.

The Definitive Stamp

A new definitive stamp for the UK.

Typographic Expression

An experimental typography project.

Mela Moves flyer

Mela Moves is a summer youth arts project based in Luton.

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