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Artwork Statement:

In western society, there is a wide spread assumption that nature is separate from humanity. In the urban environment, nature mainly consists of rats, pigeons and weeds which are considered by many to be a nuisance and not valued in any way.

I began to take images of ‘urban nature’ in my home town of Luton.

While photographing weeds around the town centre, I soon noticed that where nature exists, so does rubbish. Weeds behave in much the same way as rubbish - both are disliked and both are hard to control- the manmade and the natural have become intertwined.

So I began photographing the rubbish as well as the weeds.

All this inspired me to make ‘plant like’ sculptures from various plastic, man-made objects such as bottle tops, plastic spoons, cornpads and cotton buds and then photograph them outside like real plants.

The images shown here, are originally part of a slide show.
A slide show enabled me to merge two images together, animating the ‘plant’ so that it looks alive, as if going through a natural process, like a daisy for example, that closes its petals at night. I used velvia slide film traditionally used for landscape photography which gave the images a richness and depth making the objects look 'alive' that I wasn't able to achieve with standard film.

I want to develop this work by making more ‘man-made plants’ and looking in more depth at the relationship between rubbish and nature  in the urban environment, the concept of ‘non-duality’ and the idea that nature is part of society.

This work has been exhibited at the Stroud House Gallery, Gloucestershire and Moogie Wonderland, a 1960s inspired art/club night in Rochester, Kent.

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