"I wanted an innovative, fresh logo that really communicated what we're about to young people, and Rosalind more than achieved that, exceeding our expectations. I was impressed with the level of research which went into the design, and the thoughtful, clear and helpful way the process was undertaken. Designing a logo requires much more than artistic or creative talent; Rosalind's talent was matched by her vision and clarity of purpose."

Revd. Andrew Goodman
University of Bedfordshire Chaplain

"Rosalind's work first came to my attention via the Sociologists Outside Academia Group. It showed me that she was able to work from a concept and give it an interesting perspective.

I felt that Rosalind was a good listener - she understood my brief and took on board what was important to me. She experimented with ideas and we were able to eliminate quickly what was not right. However, when she did come up with a simple but elegant logo, it was clear to all concerned that it reflected the ethos of our business. Rosalind then went on to make sure we had all the 'technical bits' in place for us to use the logo in various media.

I highly recommend Rosalind to other businesses."

Dr Siew-Peng Lee
Founder, Organic-Ally

"Rosalind is a great ideas person. I have hired her on more than one occasion to create an identity and promotional material for our sociology group Sociologists Outside Academia. She ensures we get the best out of our very tight budget and has helped raise the status of the group by giving us a professional and contemporary image."

Annika Coughlin
Co-convenor, Sociologists Outside Academia

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